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Pepe came to Menorca to do some work for Gesa and stayed at the Hostel Roca, where he met Luisa Xec and Margarita’s daughter, who worked helping in the kitchen and cleaning the rooms, as if a movie where It came to a beautiful love story, forcing Pepe has to stay in Menorca and become part of the family of Hostel Roca.

Pepe was responsible for serving in the dining room of the Inn and also helped in the garden of the family, also was responsible for driving the hostel’s buses.

Luisa, daughter of Xec and Margarita is the baby of the family along with his brother, they helped in all tasks in the Hostel, and she especially took care of helping her mother in the kitchen, from whom inherited the enthusiasm for cooking and good work in the kitchen. Working woman who never lacked a smile for their customers and treat them as one more of the family, so well she cared for them, that many customers called her “Mama Luisa”.

After the death of Xec, the hostel Roca was divided into two, one part for Luisa and one for his brother. Luisa was forced, reluctantly, to have to change the hostel name which she called HOSTAL LA ISLA, which is the current name of the Hostel.

Paco, son of Luisa and Pepe, currently runs the Hostel La Isla, being the third generation of the business that his grandfather Xec started. Paco, since he took over the business always had the desire to restore the original name of the hostel, and it was with his wife Belen that came to the idea of opening a small hotel in a house property of the family, located in the same neighborhood that HOSTAL ROCA was born. And so was born the current CAN ROCK NOU hotel, hotel that try to convey to guests the values of familiarity, friendship, and understanding that Paco learned from their grandparents and parents.



Xec LLopis is the culprit part of this new project that excites us so much.
Xec was an entrepreneur, was the first person who brought buses to Menorca. Then he became interested in the hospitality industry. He started his first hotel in Punta Prima, but the bankruptcy of a tour operator meant he had to close the business. He did not give up and bought a bar in the neighborhood “Ses Tanques del Carme’ and here was where the HOSTAL ROCA born. At first, it was just a bar and, little by little he built floors over the bar up to build three floors and convert that neighborhood bar in a hostel. Xec was characterized by his treat with customers, making customers feel like part of his family. He always said I do not consider them customers, I consider them friends passing through, with a return ticket.

Margarita is the other architect of the birth of HOSTAL ROCA, she was in charge of satiate the appetite of all people who were staying in the hostel, great cook, delighting the guests with typical recipes of Menorca and products that came from the garden the family had in Sant Lluis, endearing woman, who wouldn’t let any customers to be hungry and always walked through the dining room of the hostel inviting diners to repeat, was also responsible for cleaning the rooms.

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